Tecnohargrove provides high value, high quality and world class services of Engineering and Project Management services. Supported by over 50 years of combined experience from its parent companies (Tecnoconsult and Hargrove)


Provide value and quality services in engineering, procurement, and construction management in a safe, profitable manner, with social and environmental responsibility, to meet the expectations of our customers and shareholders, add value to the company and contribute to the well-being of our employees, based on our technical and managerial experience.


As a preferred and competitive supplier of engineering services, of high value and quality.

Our values

Excellence Continuous search for excellence and delivery of value. Based on our spirit of continuous improvement, the search for excellence at Tecnohargrove never ends, offering high quality services and creating value for clients, associates, collaborators, and shareholders.

Ethics Adherence to ethical standards and legal regulations. All our activities are based on ethical standards deeply rooted in the organization. Integrity, loyalty, honesty, and respect are the bases that are expected in our relationships with collaborators, clients, contractors, suppliers, and associates. Similarly, we carry out our operations and activities in strict compliance with all applicable legal regulations. Tecnohargrove┬┤s open-door culture helps employees to raise violations of our standards to higher authorities. Always doing the right thing es an unbreakable rule at Tecnohargrove.